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This section of the website will feature short videos on different aspects of fostering including:

  • Why is fostering important?

  • Why Bridgend Foster Care?

  • What support and training do you receive?

  • What qualities do foster carers need?

Video 1:

Our foster carers explain what made them decide to foster and why they chose Bridgend Foster Care. Also, hear why staff and the carers believe fostering to be so important.

Video 2:

Thinking about fostering but would like to find out first-hand what the process is like? Find out here.

Video 3:

Receiving the right support and training is very important when becoming a foster carer, as is the on-going support provided. Watch our foster carers, their sons and daughters, and our staff talk about the training and support offered.

Video 4:

Deciding to foster effects the whole family! Find out what our foster carers and their sons and daughters think of fostering for Bridgend Foster Care, and the benefits experienced.

Video 5:

Watch our video to find out what qualities foster carers need and what the hardest part of fostering is. Also, find out what foster carers have learnt from being part of a family that fosters, and whether they would recommend fostering to others.

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