Who needs fostering?

We need foster carers for all age groups. However we have a shortfall of carers for particular groups including:

Teenagers: Stereotypically people assume that teenagers in care are going to be troublesome, however this is not true. Teenagers need carers who are able to listen to them and help them make sense of the world and their role within it. Patience and understanding are crucial qualities for this age group, as is the ability to lay down clear and fair boundaries.

Sibling groups: We believe that where possible siblings should be kept together. At times of separation or loss, siblings take comfort from the stability they get from each other. Taking more than one foster child into your home may seem a daunting task; however you will receive all the support you need.

Long-term fostering: Most children will start by needing a short period of fostering but sometimes this develops into a long term situation or may even progress to adoption. We need foster carers who are prepared to foster a child on a long-term basis so they grow up in a safe and supportive environment.