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If you’ve considered fostering – but didn’t think you’d be eligible – then think again. Just as there is no typical foster child, there is no such thing as a typical foster carer.

Few circumstances automatically prevent someone from being able to foster so don’t rule yourself out. If you have any doubts don’t hesitate to contact us to find out whether your situation would prevent you from fostering.

Below is a list of essential requirements for a foster carer, along with those that are not important.


Not important

A spare bedroom

Experience of working with children

Enjoy caring for children and young people

Whether you have children or not

At least 21 years old, though there is no upper limit

Marital status

Ability to work alongside other people that are important in the child’s life

Gender identity or sexual orientation

Happy to undergo a fostering assessment

Medical condition or disability, so long as it is stable and does not affect your ability to care for a child

Not an owner of a dog listed on the Dangerous Dog Register

Whether you own your own home or rent your accommodation (so long as your tenancy is stable)

Prepared to learn how children behave when they’ve had difficult life experiences

Ethnic, cultural or religious background

Willing to attend training and support groups

Employment status

A non-smoker if you want to care for children under the age of five


Your home is safe from hazards and there is space in your house to accommodate a child


No police record for violence or offences against children


Enthusiasm and willingness to make a difference


Sense of humour


Patience and understanding


Kind and confident


Time and energy to devote to a child


Realistic and not easily fazed by challenging situation


Skills to ensure that a child’s fullest potential is reached


Comfortable around children


Accept children and their families, and the backgrounds they come from.


Recognise that the children’s needs come first


For more information, contact Bridgend Foster Care on 01656 642674.