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Benefits of fostering with a local authority

Bridgend Foster Care has decades of experience in finding and supporting foster carers to look after the children in Bridgend. We are here to help people like you become brilliant foster carers.

  • Local fostering community - As a local authority, our priority is to make sure that local children are able to stay in their local community, and with over 120 foster families you are likely to live close to experienced carers.
  • Work as a team – Fosters carers are treated as part of a large, extended team who are fully supported and well trained.

  • Experience – as a team we have decades of experience infinding and supporting foster carers to look after the children in Bridgend.

  • Our children - Children in care are ‘looked after’ by their own local authority. The first port of call for children who need fostering in Bridgend is Bridgend Foster Care – it is our responsibility to find suitable home for children and young people. Only children that we cannot find homes for with our own carers are placed with agencies. Our foster carers are therefore given first priority when we need to find a placement for a Bridgend child.

  • Value – Bridgend Foster Care values its foster carers very highly.

  • Matching – We carefully match the needs of the children and young people with your skills, personal situation and experience.

  • Competitive allowances and fees – The financial support offered by Bridgend Foster Care is competitive and skills based payments recognise the experience and skills you gain. You will be given allowances to cover the costs of care and after a year, paid a fee to reflect the complex work you do as a carer.

  • Support groups – foster carers meet regularly and it’s a chance to learn from more experienced carers.

  • Excellent communication channels - As all relevant people in the child's life are part of the same authority, carers benefit from excellent and effective communication channels

  • Training - carers have access to excellent training programmes. We offer an extensive training programme which enables carers to develop skills. There is also an opportunity to gain recognised professional qualifications.

  • Non-profit - Unlike some fostering agencies, being part of a local authority, we do not work to make a profit. Our sole priority to ensuring the best outcomes for the children in care.

  • Sons and daughters – support is in place for sons and daughters of our foster carers.

Benefits for looked after children

  • Placing children with our own foster carers – who we have established relationships with - means that we know the children are with well trained and supported carers

  • It is more than likely that children and young people who are placed with our carers are from the same local area, minimising disruption and distress as they are able to stay at their school and maintain contact with family and friends

  • Fosters carers have access to everyone involved in a foster child's life, which ensures a consistent approach is taken

  • Increasing the pool of foster carers will allow for better matching, ensuring the best outcomes for children is achieved.