Welcome to the new fostering website.........

Our previous web pages were a little behind the times so we’re delighted to be launching this brand new site.

So what’s new? What has changed?

Firstly, we have completely revamped our design and improved site navigation. We wanted to create a site that’s pleasing to use, easy to get around, friendly, and helpful in its tone and design – hopefully we’ve achieved this!

Modernising our look and design of the website was a priority for us, as well as making it easier to find specific information.

We’ve refreshed the content so it provides useful and comprehensive information about fostering, including how you can become a foster carer and the benefits of fostering for Bridgend Foster Care.

We also have a number of new features, including:

  • a news and events section

  • FAQs to dispel any myths

  • request an information pack

  • an online form to request further information

Hopefully you will enjoy the site and be encouraged to contact the fostering team for a friendly and informal chat.

Coming soon!

Stay tuned as shortly we will be launching a video and blog page which will feature our very own foster carers.